Risk Management Services

The TAPS Risk Management Department is committed to providing each member with the resources and expertise needed to implement an effective Risk Management Program. We believe that a proactive Risk Management Program will minimize losses and prevent claims which will ultimately reduce expenses for our members.
TAPS will be a sustainable risk management solution for our school district, community college, education service center and cooperative members.

Taps Provides the Following Risk Management Services
at No Additional Cost for members

Risk Management Program Evaluation –
Review and evaluate your current program with suggested possible additions or modifications.
Model Policies and Procedures –
Assist members in writing policies that if implemented will have a positive impact on the frequency and severity of losses.
On Site Audits –
Through a series of surveys we can assist in locating deficiencies and exposures within areas of operations including:
  • Employment Practices
  • Facilities
  • Fleet/Vehicle Management
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Accident/Incident Investigations
Sample Forms and Checklists –
Provide guidance in record keeping and documentation with direct access to these resources through the TAPS website. TAPS’ Risk Management Consultants will assist in instructing district personnel on how to use these resources.
Hazard Identification Assessment –
Conduct a walk-through of your facilities and assist in identifying hazards that may exist. Through a written report we can provide guidance on how these hazards or exposures may be corrected.
Loss Data Analysis –
Review your claims history before each on-site visit in order to identify any trends that may be developing. This can help provide leading indicators and potential areas of focus.
Emergency Planning Services –
TAPS can assist with the mandated State and Federal requirements.

Other Services Provided by TAPS at No Additional Cost

Risk Management Grant Awards –
Annual cash granted awards are provided to our members to assist with implementing various risk management solutions.
Download an application and grant guidelines.
Appraisals –
Free professional building replacement cost appraisals on regularly scheduled intervals. This is a significant cost savings for our members.
Newsletters –
TAPS Insights into Risk Management is a monthly electronic newsletter that provides information on risk related topics. TAPS Across Texas is a quarterly newsletter that provides more in-depth information on issues relevant to our members.
Online Training Courses –
We offer relevant online training courses for teachers, staff, and school administrators.
Training Courses –
Risk management seminars and development for internal training.
Webinars –
Current and informative risk management seminars that are cost effective and require no travel.
Website Resources –
The TAPS website is filled with industry related resources on a variety of topics available to all members.